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General FAQ

Battlefield LIVE is a DIY Laser Tag company. Staff and location is not included in our packages. If you would like a private session and you are located in South East Queensland, call us on 1300 666 559. 

Nope! Our equipment is able to be used outdoors and in bright sunlight. If you are thinking of running indoors let us know, we have a special indoor setting. 

Our Battlefield LIVE rental packs are recommended for gamers 11 years and over. This is perfect for tweens, tweens and adults. Got younger gamers? Check out our sister site Laser Tag in a Box for packages that suit kids. 

Our laser tag equipment uses heavy-duty batteries. They come fully charged, for hours and hours of gaming. Simply turn off the gaming guns with a key when you are not using them to get the maximun use. 

Yes. The gaming guns are weather resistant. We do recommend, when they are not being used, keeping out of the rain & switching them off.

But! They are not waterproof. This means that while you can play in the rain, they cannot be submerged in water.

Nope. Because the laser tag gear uses infrared and digital radio signals there are no projectiles. So unlike paintball or gel balsters players cannot get bruises when they are hit. More, even thought the game is called "laser" tag there are actually no lasers. We only use infrared, this is the same type of light you use in your TV remote. Our gear is completely eye safe. 


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