Legendary 20 Pack

"A great way to entertain the tweens without technology - they played and ran and played and laughed for hours." - Jon

legendary 20

20 Pack

* 20 Gaming Guns (colours vary - see our armoury)
* 5 Awesome Missions (Battle Royale, TDM, Capture the Flag, Heist, Domination) + Supply Crate in every mission
* Step-by-Step Guide
* 1 Controller (to run the games)
* 4 Battle Boxes
* 20 Camo Bandannas
* 20 Coloured Headbands (10 Red & 10 Blue)

$976 (+shipping*, if needed)

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We will ship the equipment to you, then collect it after your event.

The items are estimated to arrive 2-3 business days ahead of your event. Then get collected the next business day. 

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Build your Battlefield with...

Live Gaming Inflatables

legendary boosted

Boost it - $20

Add some camo to your event and "boost" your pack. This includes hire of 1 Camo Net and 1 Camo Table Cloth. For pictures, see the extras page. 

legendary buffed

Buff it - $40

Make your event awesome and "buff" your pack. This includes hire of 2 Camo Nets, 2 Camo Buntings, and 1 Camo Table Cloth. For pictures, see the extras page. 


Add more to your party: Camo Decor, Trophies, & More!


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