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Supply Crates & Loot Boxes have been in computer games for over a decade. Now they’ve come to Live Action Gaming.

Each Supply Crate holds three types of items at once: a weapon, a type of ammunition, and an aid. Every 15 seconds the box randomises the items automatically from its list.

Gamers have 8 slots: 4 for weapons; and 4 for aids. So a gamer can carry up to four virtual weapons.

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Automatic Slot Management

Our system automatic manages your weapons & applies healing when you need it.
All the available weapons are ranked. The system will always give you the best weapon you are holding (as long as you have ammo).
When a new weapon is added or the current weapon runs out of ammunition, the system will automatically place the highest ranked weapon (that has ammo) into the current slot.
On a player’s display LINE 3 will show what supplies they have in real-time. It will scroll through each slot that has ammunition showing what is in that slot and how much ammunition it has.


At the supply crate, you can collect "weapons". These are stored in the memory of your gaming gun.

Light Handguns

Your starting weapon falls under this category. With semi-automatic fire, short range, and only 12 points of damage per hit, it is well worth upgrading as soon as you can!

Automatic Pistol

Far superior to your starting handgun for one simple reason: fully-automatic fire. Outpace your opponents in a fire-fight with this!


Standing for "Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher" these weapons do huge amounts of damage (between 60 & 70 points)!
They also do splash damage (half-damage is done to gamers around the person you are around). Note: shoot as normal.

Grenade Launcher

Sends a virtual grenade - doing splash damage. This weapon does a huge amount of damage (60-70), but only comes with a limited amount of ammo so make sure the enemy is in your sights!

Sniper Rifle

This is a semi-automatic sniper that does some seriously awesome damage (60-90). Find a good position, line up your target, and take them down!

Heavy Assault Rifle

Arguably the best weapons in the game! These weapons don't do a massive amount of damage (21-23) but they make up for that with loads of ammo, fully-automatic fire, and long range.

Assault Rifle

These weapons have fully-automatic and semi-automatic support. They have a large magazine capacity & loads of ammo. However, they don't do a lot of damage (12-14). 


This weapon comes with unlimited ammo, does 30 damage, however it is semi-automatic. 

Tactical Shotgun

Not exactly the best weapon in the game, these do a decent amount of damage (29-32) but they are slow to fire, semi-automatic only, and require you to get in close. 

Mini Gun

Some of the best weapons in the game, they make up for their low damage (14-15) with their massive amount of ammo, long range, and fully-automatic rapid fire. 


Standing for "Personal Defence Weapon" these weapons have plenty of ammo, are automatic, and have great range. 


Stay alive with these upgrades avaliable from your supply crate. All these items are automatically used when the gamer needs them / collects them. 


These will heal up 16 points, over 4 seconds. It cannot heal you heal past 60 HP (out of your total 100 hit points). 
You cannot shoot while healing. If your gaming gun says, "bandages applied" its time to hide. 
You will have 3 bandages to use. 

Med Kit

This does 100 points of healing over 10 seconds (does not heal pass your maximum 100 HP). 
You cannot shoot while healing. If your gaming gun says, "med kit applied" its time to hide.  

Shield Boost

This item will provide you 52 shield points (or up to your maximum of 100). It takes 4 seconds. 
You are able to shoot during this time. 

Boost Juice

The best - and rariest - aid in the game. This will give you 60 points to your HP & 60 shield points. It takes 30 seconds. 
You can shoot while healing. 


The supply crate will randomise what type of ammo it has every 15 seconds.


For the Assault Rifles, Mini Guns, PDWs, Automatic Pistol & most Handguns. 


For the Heavy Assault Rifle


For the Sniper Rifles & the Handcannon (a type of Handgun). 


For the Tacital Shotguns. 


For the Grenade Launchers. 


For the RPGs. 



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